Frequently Asked Questions about our Personal Chef Services

1.What is a personal chef?

A personal chef is a chef for hire by anyone.  They communicate with you to figure out menus and meal choices and then come to your house to cook in your kitchen.  They work for several families or clients during any given week. 

2.Who uses a personal chef service?

Anyone!  Families who would rather spend time on things other than cooking, singles who want quick, easy, and healthy meal options in their own home, new parents who are sleep deprived from their new additions, people who are trying to restructure their dietary choices for health and nutrition benefits...  Anyone who wants to be able to come home to a healthy meal, designed to make their life a little bit simpler. 

3.Why should I use Inspirational Creations as your personal chef?

The simplest answer is because it will make your mealtimes simpler!
Using Inspirational Creations will save you time and money - you no longer will have to go to the grocery store or spend hours prepping ingredients and cooking.  You also won’t spend money on going out to eat or stopping for take out on your way home.  Or on groceries that go bad before you can use them.  You will also eat healthier, as the prepared meals will be balanced and full of flavor, not fat and calories.   

4.Where do you prepare the meals?

All the cooking is done in your kitchen or our commercial kitchen. The food provided is the freshest, safest food possible. 

5.Can you make my family's famous stew chicken?

If you have the recipe, we would be happy to recreate any of your favorite meals.  Inspirational Creations will offer suggestions of meals based on your likes and dislikes, which will be discussed during the initial consultation.  The style of service allows us to customize your food to your palate.

6.How long does a cook date last? 

An average cook date will last 5-6 hours.  It will vary depending on the entrees chosen and the quantity of food that is being prepared.  We will work with you to fit into your schedule so as not to disrupt the daily operations of your household.   As a;ways the option to have your meals delivered or shipped to you are always options. 

7.Where do you do your grocery shopping?

Shopping will be done to find the freshest and best ingredients for you.  If you have special requests for shopping, We will be glad to accommodate them.  Shopping will be done at local farmers markets, Costco and Whole Foods and Fresh Market depending on the menu choices.  

8.How do you package the food?

We use FDA and NSA (National Safety Association) approved containers and vacuum sealed air tight bags to package our meals.  This makes it convenient and time efficient for our clients.